COVID Advice for Badger/Wildlife Groups


Some Simple Guidlines

    • If you feel unwell do not go out surveying or feed wild animals.
    • Stay a safe distance away from all setts or other animal dens, keeping at least 2 metres away from entrances and sett features – if passing closer than 2m is unavoidable, wear a mask.
    • Do not disturb the spoil looking for hairs.
    • If you feed wild mammals take precautions to prevent possible transfer of COVID19 on food/dishes etc.

For example:

    • wash hands, gel, then put on disposable or washable gloves
    • wear mask when preparing and putting out food
    • wash foodstuffs like fruit
    • avoid handling food directly – use a washed scoop for peanuts etc
    • regularly wash and disinfect dishes or leave standing in neat solution
    • Do not feed animals by hand
    • If you come across an injured animal try to avoid physical contact, but if absolutely necessary keep close contact to a minimum and use coverings over your hands and face (carry a mask and disposable gloves just in case).

Thank you for adhering to this advice; the risk to our wildlife is very slim, but very dangerous if transmission occurs. You may not feel unwell but many people are thought to still have or carry COVID-19 whilst being asymptomatic.

For further information please see the WHSG and OIE guidance.

Published for KBPG by Jan Hudson-Smith